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Title: Home
Author: Katya Starling
Dedicated To: To my home, my Pacey, my love, my J <3
Fandom: Dawson's Creek
Characters/Pairing: Pacey/Andie
Rating: G/K
Challenge: fffc s73: Roulette
Warnings: AU
Word Count: 1,245
Date Written: 12 May 2019
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Williams, not the author, and are used without permission.

Sometimes the quickness of the boat could make Andie nauseous, but True Love was sailing along peacefully today. She stood, leaning back, at the railing as gentle, Spring breezes blew through her short, blonde hair. It wasn’t as short as it once had been, because she was actually trying to let it grow out. She was actually doing something for herself beyond being studious and fighting for a future so that she could give her mother and brother a better future. It was purely selfish, too, because the only reason why she was letting her hair grow out was because she loved moments like this when the wind combed its invisible fingers through her hair and even more so when Pacey combed his real fingers through it.

The man of her dreams, who was also centering first and foremost in her thoughts, came up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her from behind. She leaned back into him and breathed in his scent. He wasn’t one for wearing cologne when they weren’t going somewhere special, but his own, natural aroma was heady to her all the time. She sighed, and for once, there was no sorrow in the sound, only happiness.

Pacey pulled Andie against him, wrapping his arms tightly around her and relishing in the feel of her body against his. He loved when he could actually make her happy, when he could steal her away from the world and seem to make all her cares go away. God knew the poor girl had far too much on her. Jack did what he could, but he had his own problems, leaving Andie primarily to care for their mentally challenged mother. The woman had started seeing ghosts lately, and Pacey had woken up to his beloved Andie crying far too many times about it.

He wanted to knock the mess out of old Missus McPhee every time she made her daughter cry, but he knew doing so would only hurt Andie more. She loved her mother, and it was neither her fault nor really her mom’s that the old lady had gone crazy after losing Andie’s other brother. At least Andie was no longer seeing Tim, he thought, glancing down at her and kissing the top of her head. “Whatcha thinking, McPhee?” he whispered against her ear before catching her lobe between his teeth and nibbling lightly.

She sighed again, but once more, the sound was one of pure joy -- joy and relief and freedom. He heard it all, understood it all, and wished he could give her those feelings forever. If it was left up to him, they’d sail away from Capeside and never return. Heck, they’d never return to society. They’d never go to a place where humans could ever bother them again. He’d have her all to himself, and their future would be perfectly happy.

But he knew Andie wouldn’t leave her family, just as he wouldn’t leave his friends. Oh, he’d sail away from his family in a heartbeat and never miss any of them, but Dawson, as crazy and strict as he sometimes was, and Joey and Jen too, needed him. He kind of liked being there for them, if he was honest with himself, which was exactly why he understood why the need to care for her family, who actually did love her in their own ways, Jack more so than their mother, was so important to his girl.

His girl, he thought, dropping his head and nuzzling her neck. His woman. His love. One day, he vowed, his wife. They’d almost let outside forces split them apart but never again. He would stand by her, whatever it took, and she’d already proven too that she would stand by him.

“I wish we could sail away,” she whispered.

His brows arched slightly in surprise. “That’s what we’re doing, love.”

She turned in his arms and looked up into his rich, brown eyes. They seemed to hold the world for her, especially in moments like this. “Sail away,” she clarified, stroking the stubble on his cheeks, “and never return.”

He took one of her hands in his, thread his fingers through hers, and kissed its back. “We can,” he said simply.

She stepped closer, her other arm slipping around him as she partially returned his hug. “No,” she said, sighing this time with regret, “we can’t. I have to go back, Pacey. You know that. And besides, you’re not going to leave your friends either.”

I would, he almost said. I would for you in a heartbeat. Instead, he caught himself just in time and changed it ever so slightly though the promise still hung between them. “I’d do anything to keep you happy, McPhee.”

“I’m with you, Pacey,” she replied softly, looking back up at him, “and when I’m with you, I’m happy. That’s all I need to be happy.” She cupped his handsome face again, her fingers softly caressing him once more. “You’re all I need to be happy.”

It shouldn’t be so, he thought. She should be able to be happy without him, but he also knew that wasn’t going to happen, at least not yet. And besides, although she should and, he sincerely hoped, one day could be happy without him, he never wanted to be without her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She kissed him.

He leaned into the kiss and deepened it, his tongue slipping smoothly into her sweet mouth. He kissed her long, deep, and ever so tenderly before gently pulling her away from the railing. “Now,” he ordered teasingly, his hand still holding to hers, “come rest.” He knew she never rested when he wasn’t there to make her. She was always busy doing something for Jack or taking care of her mother or, when she did do the few things she claimed to be for herself, working her sharp, little brain off to make certain she got the best grades possible. She was going to have a bright future, but even without her grades, without her academic career, she would still have a bright future. He was going to make damn certain of it, no matter what it cost.

He led her by hand over to the extra large deck chair he’d had custom made, laid down on it, and pulled her into his lap. “I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” he said, still gently teasing. She beamed up at him as he kissed her forehead.

“I wasn’t going to argue,” she admitted happily. She snuggled into him as close as she could get, her arms still wrapped around him. It was his turn to sigh with joy into her soft hair as he held her close. He never wanted to move from this spot. He would eventually, but holding her as close as a second skin, having his arms wrapped around hers and hers around him, would always be his favorite place. She would always be his favorite place, far more than this boat he’d made to sail away from Capeside.

Maybe one day they would leave Capeside behind. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, he thought, letting his own eyes close as he listened to the gentle lullaby of her soft breathing, as long as they were together. True Love wasn’t his home. Neither was Capeside. She was, and they sailed happily and peacefully together.

The End
Tags: dawson's creek: pacey/andie

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