Hate to ask but is anyone in the us willing and able to put my hubby and i up for a week or two until we can get work and somewhere else to go?  we are literally facing the very real possibility of being homeless starting tomorrow

We learned yesterday that my mother has been attacking tge furbabies and in tge last 24 she has attacked my husband myself and his dog then turned around and threatened to call tge cops to us if we dont get out but we have nowhere to go



Trying to figure out this whole LJ/DW thing. Testing this to see if it actually crossposts to LJ the way it should.


So I'm thinking about maybe coming back but life is still in a uproar and I'm also very nervous. I also have certain people on here who I wonder about so I'm giving y'all a chance to give me a shout out and tell me what's going on with you.

I also want to ask if we have any players of XBox Minecraft, Killer Instinct, Tekken 6 or 7, and/or Injustice 2 who might be interested in playing some with my husband? He's desperate for fellow players that can play at night, preferrably sometime around or after 9pm Central.

And besides, Wonderful World of Make Believe, and Archive of Our Own, are there any fic archive sites that any one would recommend?


Im sorry guys but im gonna have to take a hiatus i dont even feel like turning on the computer most days right now im even posting this trom my phone love to you all



Yeah, yeah, I know. I've been gone again. :( The good news is I have a job and we've about convinced my manager to hire J too. The bad news is I just freaking survived a 14-day straight stretch. Only 27 hours last week but 44, that was almost 56, hours this week. Already scheduled for 38 next. And that's with them all telling me only managers got 30 hours when I first started. LOL Now if we can just get Mike to come through for J! *sigh* And wouldn't you know my baby's been bloody persistent I get some computer time ASAP. <3